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Ready EDI
is a research and development company committed to improving the lives of those we engage with. Whether you need to research public perspectives or needs, analyze industrial data, develop your organization, train your staff, organize your community, refine your administrative practices or develop programmattic solutions, Ready EDI's team of experienced professionals are ready to work with you to design and execute a solution that meets your needs.

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Research Services
Ready EDI brings a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research tools to address your research  needs. Whether you need to survey public perceptions, conduct institutional gap analysis, analyze economic or built environmental conditions, assess community health needs—or a host of other research needs—Ready EDI can design and execute the research and analysis you need. Read more . . .  

Planning & Development
Whether you are planning the expansion of your cultural center, developing the local economy, designing affordable housing, trying to address health, environmental, social or economic needs or develop new solutions to the problems you face, Ready EDI can help you succeed. Read more . . .

Training & Education
Companies, organizations and communities are most effective when they are properly trained and prepared. Ready EDI provides a wide range of custom training and development services, including curriculum design, workforce development, diversity reform, training exercises, volunteer development and others. These services can be custom designed with Ready EDI's software products to address unique human resource needs. Read more . . .

e-Permits & Forms
Ready EDI's e-Permits & Forms is a cloud-based service for local Public Health Departments. With our secure, EDIOM software, those who use your services can securely submit credit card payments online, reprint permits at any time, receive notifications of permits about to expire, amend, renew, and copy your applications with minimal data entry and your department can cut costs by going green and paperless. Read more . . .

EDI Services
Ready EDI is dramatically innovating how electronic data interchanges are handled, processed and generated. Our cloud-based EDIOM software will save your company time and money and dramatically speed up your data transactions. Whether your data needs are financial, medical or sales, our software engineers can design and execute data services to meet your specific needs. Read more . . .